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Noticias: NANOQUEST el microespectr贸metro FT-NIR

Escrito por agsens el 21-07-01

NanoQuest is based on Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) technology, which is often favored in laboratory spectrometers because it collects spectral data over a wide range. The sensor’s patented micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology allows for a continuous-wave Michelson interferometer to be created monolithically on a MEMS chip. This enables detection of all wavelengths simultaneously, and mitigates the effects of motion on sensor stability.

Each NanoQuest comes with an optical fiber and operating software, and can be coupled to Ocean Insight light sources and accessories to configure systems for absorbance/transmission or reflectance measurements.

Typical NanoQuest NIR applications include authentication of counterfeit products including textiles; characterization and quantification of food, soil nutrients and industrial materials; and compositional analysis of bodily fluids and other biological specimens.

Fuente: Ocean Insight

Para más información, contáctenos.

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Noticias: Diferenciaci贸n de capas individuales, dobles capas y multicapas de grafeno con SPM

Escrito por agsens el 17-11-29

Differentiating single, double, and multi-layers of Graphene

For graphene, AFM-Raman imaging is especially useful for differentiating single, double, and multi-layers of graphene, including TERS (Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy) and Raman difference spectroscopy. Other important properties of graphene can be probed with Thermal-conductivity Imaging, AFM - Kelvin Probe Imaging and Near-field Photoconductivity.

Para conocer más sobre las capacidades de estas técnicas SPM  en estudios de grafeno, revise el siguiente link:

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Noticias: Invitaci贸n a Webinar "Permeation Basics, Principles and Concepts" realizado por Systech Illinois

Escrito por agsens el 17-10-30

Michele Stevens, noted scientist, will present the concepts and scientific principles that influence the measuring of gas permeation rates to help you better understand and improve your testings.

Michele has been providing educational and practical permeation material from a hands-on perspective for over 20 years.  

When: November 29th 2017, 13:00 hrs de Chile  

Inscripciones en:

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Noticias: Ocean Optics celebra sus 25 a帽os de Soluciones espectrosc贸picas que cambian el mundo

Escrito por agsens el 17-04-21

Link a video:

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Noticias: CannabisSFE 鈥 extractor de CO2 supercr铆tico para obtenci贸n de aceites de alta calidad

Escrito por agsens el 17-04-13

CannabisSFE – Supercritical CO2

Extraction Unit Optimized for Processing of Medicinal Cannabis and Natural Herbal Products

One Liter, Expandable CO2 Extraction System

Base Package Vessel Capacity of 1 Liter

Wide Pressure & Temperature Range (10,000 psi / 120°C)

Efficient Pneumatic Liquid CO2 Pump / Waterless Pre-Chiller

Upgrade to Cascade Mode – Can Yield up to 120grams/hour (Raw Material Dependent)

Optional: CO2 Recycle, Raw Material Bags, Loading Fixture

Más información en



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Noticias: Invitaci贸n a Webinar "Food Texture: More Than Just Mouthfeel"

Escrito por agsens el 17-04-12

Presenter: Dr. Martin Thomas April 20, 2017 | 9:30am or 1:30pm EDT

Foodstuffs are often characterized by mouthfeel ( crunchiness, creaminess, gumminess, etc.), with many relevant parameters being textural in nature. But understanding how foodstuffs behave outside the mouth is also extremely important to successfully carry out and optimize industrial food processing packaging and storage tasks. This webinar will discuss how surface area, porosity, pore size, density and interactions with atmospheric moisture can be qualified under controlled analytical conditions to optimize food product texture.


To register please click on the time  at

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Noticias: La c谩mara Hiperespectral Specim FX-10 es premiada en inVISION Top Innovations 2017

Escrito por agsens el 17-01-13

For the the third time The German machine vision journal inVISION, together with an independent jury of experts, selected the inVISION Top Innovations 2017. Ten products and solutions from the machine vision sector were chosen based on their technical innovation, efficiency and the possibility to increase the usage of image processing in machine vision markets. Specim FX10 was selected as a competitive industrial Hyperspectral Imaging camera for the machine vision industry.

FX10 VNIR (400-1000nm)    FX17 NIR (900-1700nm)

Para más información, contáctenos!

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Noticias: AGSENS es patrocinador del Colegio Chileno de Qu铆micos A.G.

Escrito por agsens el 16-11-30

A partir de Noviembre, AGSENS es patrocinador del Colegio Chileno de Químicos AC, entidad que busca aunar el esfuerzo colectivo de los Químicos Chilenos para posicionar la profesión en la sociedad y, de esta manera, ser un aporte al desarrollo científico, educacional y tecnológico del país.  Link:


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Noticias: Supercritical Fluids Technologies Inc y AGSENS exponen en PROSCIBA 2016

Escrito por agsens el 16-04-02

AGSENS junto a Supercritical Fluids Technologies Inc. expusieron en el IV Iberoamerican Conference on Supercritical Fluids (PROSCIBA 2016),  el siguiente trabajo: "Optimized Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Capsaicinoids from the Capsicum Annuum Cultivar (Red Pepper)"

Continuar Leyendo

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Noticias: AGSENS junto a Ocean Optics estuvieron presentes en CONAMET/SAM 2015

Escrito por agsens el 15-11-25

AGSENS junto a Ocean Optics estuvieron presentes como auspiciadores en el 15° Congreso Internacional de Metalurgia y Materiales CONAMET/SAM 2015.

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