Anapolos opticos son demostrados por primera vez :: 15-10-21 :: Escrito por agsens

Physicists Miroshnickenko and colleagues have found a new way to confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking using nonradiating anapole modes [Nature Communications, 2015]. Nonradiating electromagnetic sources continue to be of interest as a model for stable atoms to understand why orbiting electrons do not radiate, and have potential applications for combatting energy losses and explaining dark matter. The radiationless anapole mode is achieved by dividing the current between two different components; a conventional electrical dipole and a toroidal dipole. Using a Nanonics CryoView MP and transmission NSOM mode with Nanonics NSOM probes, these scientists tested this theory using near-field characterization of single silicon nanodisks. They observed the disc's cancelling of visible light, thus rendering the feature effectively invisible at that wavelength.


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