Liquidos porosos: una nueva clase de materiales funcionales :: 15-11-20 :: Escrito por agsens

Materials that combine the properties of fluidity and permanent porosity could therefore offer technological advantages. Free-flowing liquids whose bulk properties are determined by their permanent porosity. To achieve this, was designed cage molecules that provide a well-defined pore space and that are highly soluble in solvents whose molecules are too large to enter the pores. The concentration of unoccupied cages can thus be around 500 times greater than in other molecular solutions that contain cavities, resulting in a marked change in bulk properties, such as an eightfold increase in the solubility of methane gas. This is a new class of functional porous materials for chemical processes. Unifying design principle for these materials is the avoidance of functional groups that can penetrate into the molecular cage cavities. doi:10.1038/nature16072

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