Geomimética: un nuevo campo de investigación? :: 16-11-09 :: Escrito por agsens


If well the biomimetics has been widely diffused by the scientific community, had to wait many more years for what the concept of "geomimetics" to emerge and to start to be accepted as a new research field.

In times of student in materials science starting this new millenium, Juan Aguilera, Technology Director at AGSENS,  had the chance to carry out a research in hydrothermal thin solid films and since then, thinking that the process to obtain films could conceptualize as a geomimetic strategy. More than 10 year after, today, reviewing in internet, appear a few publications and incipient denominations in some books about ceramics, while in US Patent Data base appear 0 patents  and Wikipedia indicates "The page Geomimetics does not exist. You can ask for it to be created". Neither there is a book about the topic or a scientific journal. Given the above, we can say that this science is in embryonic state, even though, it's known by some archeologists that many ancient buildings in rock, are based on geopolymers, i.e. synthesized rocks by geomimetic processing carried out by ancient civilizations. The relation between geomimetics and geopolymers is something which is just beginning to interrelate. The implicancies scientific, technical and industrial are manifest for this new research field.

Perhaps in a near future can be found new Journals with suggested names such as:


Journal of Geomimetics Science and Technology

Geoinspiration & Geomimetics

Jornal of Geomimetic Materials

Advances in Geomimetic Materials



Geopolymers and Geomimetics

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